Lily's Campaign


My name is Lily

And I am running for a chat mod

position in TUC S3

Stuff to Know About MeEdit

  • 14 years old
  • Used to live in London, moved to Los Angeles
  • Bitchy
  • Crazy
  • Annoying
  • Obsesses over lots of shit


Reasons Why I Should Win TUC S3Edit

  • I have experience as a chat moderator on The Hunger Games Wiki
  • I'm not afraid to have fun
  • I'm not unfair nor biased
  • I'm very committed and devoted to this wiki
  • I have over 800 edits whilst being here for a little over a month
  • I'm the best fit

Final ArgumentEdit

I should win TUC3 because I'm a trustworthy, sweet, sexy person. I've only been here for a month. If I win I will Feed You My Love. But if I lose there will be Only Teardrops. There are a Waterfall of people that want me to win so you should Believe in Me to be an excellent chat mod. There are even Birds that want me to win TUC. Only Love Survives in TUC. And I am love which is why I should survive. Not to mention Tyler and Joey you two are sexy animals and Nasia is hotter than a fashion model and sweeter than honey.


I know I should win TUC S3. I would make a great mod for sure.